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Federal Way has had its share of safety issues over the years. Statistics show an increase in lesiones catastróficas, especially for vulnerable road users such as bicyclists, indicating the need for safer roads in Federal Way.

In 2021, there were three deaths in one week along a stretch of road in Federal Way. The car accidents happened on Pacific Highway South due to unsafe left turns. 

Indeed, turning your car always comes with some risks, especially if you don’t have a green light allowing you to do so. Left turns are especially dangerous. In some cases, prohibiting left turns is the best decision. This is what the city of Federal Way did in June 2021. The city installed signage prohibiting left turns in all directions at the intersections of Pacific Highway South and S. 373rd Street and SW 374th Street.

The city is also asking for the Washington State Department of Transportation to install or fund the installation of curbing from south of SW 374th Street to north of S. 373rd Street. This will help further prevent left turns at these intersections.

However, requesting funding is not easy. City staff have asked for construction of a roundabout at Pacific Highway South and S. 373rd Street in the past, but that was not approved. Nothing is being done about this and residents are tired of living near these dangerous intersections. Many residents call it scary, as the roadway’s speed limit is 45 miles per hour, but drivers often drive 60 mph.

Why Are Car Accidents So Dangerous?

Car crashes can cause catastrophic injuries due to the following reasons:

  • High speeds. Vehicles on the road can travel at high speeds, and when a collision occurs, the force of impact is directly proportional to the speed. Higher speeds lead to more severe accidents.
  • Mass and inertia. Cars are heavy objects with significant mass. When a moving vehicle comes to a sudden stop, the occupants inside continue to move forward due to inertia. This sudden deceleration can result in serious injuries.
  • Lack of predictability. Car accidents are often unpredictable events. Drivers may not have enough time to react, or they may make sudden maneuvers. The unpredictability of accidents makes it challenging for individuals to protect themselves.
  • Crash dynamics. The physics of a car crash involve various complex factors, including the direction of impact, angle of collision, and the design of the vehicles involved. These can all affect the severity of injuries sustained in a crash.
  • Structural integrity. While modern vehicles are designed with safety features to absorb and distribute impact forces, there are limits to what these features can withstand. Severe accidents can compromise the structural integrity of a vehicle.

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There has been an increase in catastrophic injuries in Federal Way. There needs to be safer roads and workplaces. There’s a lot that city, country, and state entities can do to help.

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