Federal Way Wage & Hour Disputes Lawyer

Workers in our state should be paid for every single hour that they work. When an employer illegally refuses to pay your wages, then you might have legal rights to compensation. Call Premier Law Group. We are a equipo of Federal Way wage and hour disputes lawyers who can seek backpay and penalties on your behalf. We are happy to explain more about the legal process in a consultation.

Red Flags for Wage Theft

The failure to pay workers their wages is theft—plain and simple. The following are signs that your employer is withholding wages for no valid reason:

  • You never receive a pay stub showing your hours worked and rate of pay.
  • You are tipped by customers, but your employer keeps some or all of the tips.
  • Your workweek constantly shifts.
  • Your employer says, “Salaried workers are not entitled to overtime.”
  • A company claims you are an independent contractor even though they set your hours and require that you work at their office.

These are the most obvious red flags. Call a lawyer whenever you suspect you are not being paid honestly.

We Can Help with the Following Wage & Hour Claims

Both the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Washington Minimum Wage Act protects employees in Federal Way. We can help if you suspect any of the following:

  • Minimum wage violations. The minimum changes every year. For 2024, it is $16.28 in Washington, but local governments can set a higher wage.
  • Required work off the clock. Some employers require that workers stock shelves, set up chairs and tables, or simply wait before or after work without paying them.
  • Denial of overtime pay. Workers are entitled to overtime whenever they work more than 40 hours in a week. You should be paid 1.5 your regular pay rate.
  • Denial of paid sick leave. Washington employers must provide sick leave to workers at the rate of at least one hour for every 40 worked.
  • Illegal deductions. The law strictly limits when an employer can make a deduction from your paycheck. They can deduct for Medicare taxes but not for any deduction that benefits them.
  • Failure to provide breaks. Workers should receive a paid 10-minute break for every four hours worked, and an unpaid 30-minute break after working 5 hours.
  • Illegally withheld tips. Workers should receive all their tips. Also, an employer should not count tips as an excuse for paying less than the minimum wage.

Many employers misclassify workers, claiming you are an independent contractor. There is a rigorous test in Washington to determine your correct classification.

You Have Remedies—Let our Federal Way Wage & Hour Lawyers Explain

Employees should not sit idly by and have wages stolen from them. You can bring a legal claim under federal or state law and receive back pay and possibly other damages. Call Grupo Para La Gente. Our law firm has helped countless workers recover unpaid wages from employers who withhold them illegally. We bring accountability and act as a voice for our clients.