Federal Way Wrongful Termination Attorney

Because Washington is an at-will state, employers have discretion about when they fire someone. In fact, employers can fire “at will.” However, employment laws place some limits on this power, which employers need to honor. Sadly, some employers just go ahead and fire workers anyway in clear violation of the law. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated, call Grupo Para La Gente. One of our Federal Way wrongful termination lawyers will identify whether you have a case.

When is Termination Wrongful?

There are several situations. If you have an employment contract, then your boss can only terminate you according to the contract. Typically, this means termination for cause. When an employer fails to follow the contract, then your wrongful termination case is essentially a breach of contract case.

Most wrongful termination cases involve discrimination. Both Washington and federal law prohibit any negative employment action (including termination) based on an employee’s:

  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race
  • Color
  • Discapacidad
  • Genetic information
  • Age

These anti-discrimination laws also prohibit retaliation. If you exercised a right—such as complaining about sexual harassment or wage theft—then your employer cannot fire you in response. Likewise, workers have a right to file workers’ compensation claims or seek family and medical leave without being terminated.

Proof of Wrongful Termination

Employers rarely admit that they discriminated against a worker. To make out a successful case, we need evidence to support your claim. When evidence is overwhelming, a reasonable person has no choice but to conclude your boss wrongfully terminated you.

Try to document your case:

  • Write down memories of any discriminatory comments, such as racial or sexual jokes, made about you or another person.
  • Keep all communications with management, including emails, notes, performance reviews, and voice messages.
  • Speak to anyone who witnesses potentially discriminatory actions. Did someone observe a person making sexist jokes or mocking the disabled? That witness testimony can strengthen your claim.

An attorney at Premier Law Group will have other tips for how to pull together a claim. Contáctenos for a consultation.

What Remedies Can You Seek for Wrongful Termination?

Some remedies in wrongful termination cases include:

  • Job reinstatement—You might want your job back.
  • Backpay—You should request the wages you would have earned had you not been fired.
  • Compensatory damages—You can receive financial compensation for any losses associated with termination, including emotional distress damages.
  • Attorneys’ fees and costs—Our clients can get the other side to pay for their lawyer.

At our firm, we listen closely to our clients as they describe their goals. Some people never want to step foot in their former office again, so job reinstatement is not a goal. Let us seek the remedies that advance your goals.

Speak with a Federal Way Wrongful Termination Lawyer about Your Case

No one should lose their job due to discrimination or some other illegal act. You can demand fair treatment by calling Premier Law Group to speak with a member of our legal team. We have represented mistreated workers in hundreds of cases involving breach of contract, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Our consultations are confidential.