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The #MeToo movement has successfully brought sexual harassment out of the shadows. Too many women and men have bravely endured harassment in silence. At Premier Law Group, we can discuss your legal options. Both federal and state laws protect employees from sexual harassment, and you might sue your harasser or even your employer. Call us today to schedule a confidential meeting with a Renton sexual harassment lawyer.

Laws on Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment law includes state and federal statutes, as well as court decisions interpreting them. Some of the most significant statutes include:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This federal law prohibits sex discrimination. Several court decisions expanded this law to cover sexual harassment as a type of sex discrimination.
  • RCW 49.60.180. This Washington law gives employees the right to sue for sexual harassment and sex discrimination.
  • RCW 49.76. Another state law which gives workers the right to take leave to address sexual violence, including domestic violence.

Were You a Victim of Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment sometimes takes the form of a quid pro quo. This is Latin meaning “something for something.” Quid pro quo sexual harassment often involves your boss promising a reward (like a promotion) if you’ll have sex. It can also include a threat to take a negative employment action (like termination or a cut in pay) if you don’t consent to sex. Either type of quid pro quo is illegal.

Sexual harassment can also exist when a workplace is hostile due to offensive conduct, including:

  • Unwelcome hugging or other touching
  • Nicknames
  • Sexual jokes
  • Pornographic imagery displayed
  • Catcalls
  • Offensive gender stereotypes (“Men are dumb”, “Women can think for themselves”)

When is a workplace hostile? The general rule is that a lone joke or offensive statement over many years is not enough; there needs to be more harassing conduct than that. Instead, the law requires pervasive or very serious conduct. You should consult our attorneys for help analyzing your workplace.

Myths about Sexual Harassment

Few areas of law are as misunderstood a sexual harassment. Some misconceptions include:

  • Only men can sexually harass a worker. Actually, you could be victimized by anyone, regardless of sex.
  • Only women are victims of sexual harassment. The law allows men and women to bring claims. No one should be subject to sexual harassment.
  • A joke can’t be sexual harassment. Some “jokes” are deeply offensive to the average, reasonable person. When jokes (and other offensive conduct) are pervasive, then the workplace is hostile.
  • It’s not harassment if we don’t have sex. Simply offering a quid pro quo is harassment. No one should feel backed into a corner to keep their job or obtain a raise.

Get the facts by contacting our law firm. It is possible to bring a hostile work environment claim even if you aren’t the focus of the harassment. For example, your colleagues might be harassing someone else, but you still find it difficult to work.

Experienced Renton Sexual Harassment Lawyers are Standing By

If you were victimized by sexual harassment, or if your employer retaliated against you for complaining, then please Contáctenos. Premier Law Group can discuss possible remedies, including reinstatement if you were the victim of retaliation.