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Employees work hard for their employers, and they deserve fair treatment. At a minimum, employers should pay their employees for every hour worked. Unfortunately, too many bosses end up denying their employees fair wages. Call Grupo Para La Gente today. We can review whether our Renton wage and hour disputes lawyer can help you recover backpay.

Common Wage & Hour Violations

We hear from frustrated workers with many complaints involving:

  • Failure to pay the minimum wage. The state sets a minimum wage which all employers must adhere to. This amount changes each year with the cost of living, but for 2024 the Washington minimum is $16.28. Most workers are covered by this law.
  • Failure to pay overtime. A worker is entitled to time and a half for all hours worked over 40 in a week. Some employers will claim you are exempt from overtime when you really qualify.
  • Denial of work breaks. Employees should receive a paid 10-minute rest break for every 4 hours they work. Anyone working at least 5 hours has a right to a 30-minute unpaid break. An employer should pay workers who are denied these breaks.
  • Unpaid sick time. Washington employers must now provide paid sick leave to their employees. Workers accrue at least one hour for every 40 hours worked, and they can carry hours over from year to year. Some employers are not following the law.
  • Illegal paycheck deductions. Workers have many deductions, including income and Medicare taxes. You might also have wage garnishment or cash advances deducted. But Washington law limits what an employer can deduct, and you should scrutinize all deductions.
  • Withholding tips. Washington workers are entitled to the tips they earn, but some employers hold onto tips illegally.

These are only some of the most common wage and hour violations.

Were You Misclassified?

Many federal and state wage and hour laws only apply to employees, not independent contractors. Employers have an incentive to misclassify their employees as contractors to pay them less. Employee misclassification is a huge issue in Washington.

Contact Premier Law Group. Some employers wrongly think that labeling a worker as an “independent contractor” is sufficient. In reality, Washington uses a test to determine who is really an employee which looks at many factors, such as who controls your hours and methods of work. You might qualify for overtime, minimum wage, and other benefits.

Cómo puede ayudar Premier Law Group

nuestros abogados will listen to your story and identify key pieces of evidence. We will also review paystubs and work schedules to determine whether you are receiving at least the minimum wage and any overtime.

If we find a violation, we can seek compensation in the form of backpay and other remedies. We might file a claim with the state’s Department of Labor & Industries, the federal government, or file a lawsuit.

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