New Product Locks Up Your Cell Phone While Driving | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


Back in the day, when our parents were teaching us how to drive, they didn’t have to worry about us texting and driving, or even using a phone in the car at all for that matter. Nowadays, our kids get behind the wheel and oftentimes, it’s with a weapon that could easily take their life: a cell phone. According to a Pew report, “40% of all American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger.” That number is enough to send shivers up and down any parent’s spine.

Well, the ORIGO Company has developed a product that may put an end to texting and driving. That product is the ORIGOsafe. Drivers must insert their phone into the ORIGOsafe, which is a Smartphone dock, before their vehicle will start. The point of the safe is that it will keep the phone out of sight of the driver, ensuring that they will not be tempted to use it while driving. Bluetooth is still available for use until the parking brake is applied and the phone can be freed from the ORIGOsafe.

With the increase of distracted driving lately, and texting and usage of mobile internet on the rise, what is your take on a product such as the ORIGOsafe? At $279, is it too much or completely worth it?

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