520 Toll Spikes to Go into Effect this Summer | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

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Ah, 520. Commuters have such a love-hate relationship with the bridge. On the one hand, it’s a quick (sometimes) and easy (also sometimes) way to get to Bellevue from Seattle, or vice-versa. On the other hand, it has a pricey toll, is closed what seems like every other weekend and is in dire need of a revamp. Now, that toll is facing an increase. In less than two months, drivers will see a 2.5% jump. That will bring Good To Go! Pass rates to $3.70 at peak travel times and Pay by Mail rates to $5.25 at those same times.

Tolling was approved by Governor Gregoire in 2009. Tolls were put in place to secure the revenue needed to replace the bridge by the year 2014. The Washington State Transportation Commission is reporting that the tolls collected thus far should allow for the replacement to happen as planned and on-time. Costs of the new bridge top $1 billion. The new bridge is projected to open up to traffic in July 2016. At that time, a 15% increase in tolls will take place.

According to the commission, they take trends in traffic volume, account balances, public comments, expenses and bond payments into account when adjusting toll rates.