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As a Seattle personal injury lawyer and Washington car crash attorney, I am constantly on the lookout for different driving tips to help make our roads safer. Dealing with clients everyday that have been in accidents involving distracted drivers or drunk drivers has given me some insight as to how we can best prepare ourselves to avoid accidents with these people.
In an article on accident prevention tips that I just wrote for our website, you can find some tips and my advice on avoiding car accidents. In the article, I give 11 ideas that I have been stressing to my clients, family and friends to make so they are never even in a position to see a personal injury lawyer. Accidents happen, but if you follow the tips such as avoiding the left lane of a freeway, keeping your car maintained, and proceeding with caution at intersections, then you can decrease your risk of being involved in one.
The article is a quick read and at the very least, could act as a refreshing reminder of concepts you happily ignored back in driving school. Click the link above, or scroll over the word “resources” at the top of our website and then click on “articles” to read about different tips and pieces of advice that I have picked up throughout the years as a lawyer.
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