Fatal auto accidents are often the result of inattentive drivers or drivers unsure of their car’s capabilities. In my line of work as a Seattle auto accident attorney, I have seen all too many devastating accidents happen for the simple lack of perception and attention. Sadly, Tuesday another one of these horrible fatal auto accidents happened in Seattle.

A fatal auto accident in South Seattle on Tuesday, August 17th left one man dead and another injured. Around 5 p.m. at the 7600 block of Airport Way South, a black Chevrolet Suburban pulled in front of a Dodge sedan headed southbound.

The driver of the Dodge was unable to stop and was pronounced dead at the scene. The man driving the Surburban was taken to Harborview Medical Center from injuries sustained in the auto accident and is expected to make a full recover.

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Dodge Sedan- Seattle Car Crash

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Suburban in Seattle Car Crash

Investigation into this fatal auto accident is ongoing and we do not yet know if the Suburban turned at an unsafe distance or if the Dodge failed to pay attention. But in either case, this tragedy is unsettling and shows the immense responsibility drivers have on the road and how serious a task it is.

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