We often hear about bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents, but rarely do we hear about a bicycle and motorcycle accident as one event. But that’s what occurred in St. Petersburg, early Friday morning. The bicyclist was riding southbound on a street and was coming to an intersection. The motorcyclist was heading westbound and also riding toward the intersection. The bicyclist, according to witnesses, did not yield to it’s stop sign. They instead rode right into the intersection as the motorcycle was entering it. This resulted in the motorcycle hitting the bicycle and the two vehicles were entangled as a result.

The motorcyclist and bicyclist were sent flying and they landed in the road. Fortunately, the motorcyclist, 44-year-old Thomas Lepka, was wearing a helmet and did not suffer from serious injuries. His motorcycle, however, continued to run after the crash and hit a tree and sign. The bicyclist, 40-year-old Jason Peter Smith, was not wearing a helmet, and was taken to the hospital where he was listed as being in critical condition.

It is unknown whether or not alcohol played a role in the crash. There is a big lesson that we can take away from this incident, though. Always wear a helmet. Whether you are riding a bicycle or motorcycle, it is the most important piece of equipment you can bring out on the road with you.

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