As a Seattle personal injury lawyer working at a Renton auto accident law firm I see victims of reckless driving every day and I know how devastating it can be for a family when their loved one is wrongfully killed because of another person’s negligence.

This week is no exception to the high speed police chase, but instead of injuring an innocent victim, this chase ended with the car crashing into a tree that then fell on top of a house. Tuesday night Shoreline Police made what they thought was a routine traffic stop of a BMW that was missing the front license plate. But it turned out that the driver couldn’t produce a valid driver’s license and the passenger had given a fake name. Once police were able to obtain her real name, they found that she had numerous felony warrants out for her arrest for possession of stolen property and narcotics. The officer returned to the car with this information and prepared to arrest the female passenger when the car sped off. Shoreline Police chased after the car until it reached speeds that were too dangerous and they lost sight of the car.

Police began looking for the car and soon found it; it had crashed so hard into a tree that the tree fell over destroying Tolly Southwick’s home. The two people in the car suffered intense personal injuries and when police arrived the female passenger was not breathing. They were able to revive her and both people were taken to Harborview Medical Center.

It seems like every week there is a new story about a dangerous police chase that either ends in an auto accident or the reckless driver causes serious personal injuries to an innocent victim as they try to run from the police.

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