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Parents: Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Not the Backseat | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Blog, Car Accidents, Children & Minors Injuries, In The News, Personal Injury

With teens and young adults practically glued to their phones these days, it’s easy to point fingers when it comes to distracted driving. After all, they practically grew up with the technology. But, guess what: they’re not the only ones that are distracted. And they may not even be the most distracted. So who’s there […]

19% of Teens Think Drinking and Smoking Improves Their Driving | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

| Blog, Car Accidents, Children & Minors Injuries, In The News, Personal Injury

Let’s face it. When we were teenagers, we all thought we were invincible. We did some pretty stupid stuff that we can look back on and laugh about now. But 23% of teens do something really stupid that isn’t very laughable – they drive while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs (used […]

Girl Survives Crash, Climbs Out of Ravine to Find Help | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Blog, Car Accidents, Children & Minors Injuries, In The News

When Alejandro Renteria lost control of his SUV while driving on the Sierra Highway near Acton, California, he and his daughter rolled into a ravine. The girl was injured, but despite being hurt, scaled up out of the embankment to seek help for her father. Authorities are reporting that the terrain she had been hiking […]

What are the leading causes of injuries to children?

| Blog, Children & Minors Injuries

As a Seattle child injury lawyer, I understand that child injury cases are different from other personal injury cases because they present unique issues and can be devastating for the whole family. For example, a major way in which child injury cases differ from other personal injury cases is the fact that a parent or […]

Pregnancy Injuries | Seattle Child Injury Attorney

| Children & Minors Injuries

During pregnancy a mother not only cares for herself, but also for her unborn child. Everything the mother does affects the child- everything she eats, drinks, and is exposed to the baby is also eating, drinking and being exposed to—injury in an auto accident is no different. With 30,000 pregnant women involved in auto accidents in […]