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Living in Seattle, we’re used to being surrounded by the “green movement”. Maybe you’re even a major contributor: do you bike to work, compost and/or wear hemp clothing? We are the Evergreen State, so it makes sense that there are over 2,500 people that own electric vehicles here. They are some of the most sustainable, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars on the road today, which is why state lawmakers made the decision to approve a bill that would help their drivers out.

If you park in a parking spot that is considered a designated charging station and don’t plug that car into said station, you’ll be slapped with a $124 fine thanks to Senate Bill 5849. Even if you’re driving an electric car, if it’s not plugged in, you’re not dodging a fine. With just over 300 public charging stations across the state, the bill passed with a whopping 84-12 majority in the House of Representatives. Electric cars need those spots and need that power boost. You can expect to see these stations marked with vertical signs and fitting green paint.

The bill is expected to be signed into law by the Governor now that it has passed through the House of Representatives.

What is your take on electric cars? Are they the future of transportation or just a fad? Would you drive one, and at what cost?

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