Drunk driving is one of the more well-documented problems we have on our nation’s roads, yet people continue to drive under the influence. As a Bellevue car accident attorney, I spend a lot of my time fighting for the victims of this careless crime. It needs to be understood that cars are big machines that if improperly used, can basically be a weapon. The unjustified fatalities that result from drunk driving are a stark reminder of that fact.

On Memorial Day, Dana Richard Kempton crashed his car off the side of Cattle Point Rd. in the San Juans. The accident killed the passenger of the vehicle, his 25-year-old friend, John Parish. When police arrived at the scene following the crash, they could smell alcohol on the driver’s breath, and said that he was at a .08 BAC. The accident occurred as Kempton overcorrected as his car was drifting into the other lane. In doing this, the car hit a ditch on the side of the road and flipped 1 ½ times before landing near the edge of the road. Kempton will be arraigned on August 13th on a charge of vehicular homicide. His father says that Kempton is currently in rehab for an alcohol problem.

These charges are very serious and could lead to a life changing decision for Kempton. Drinking and driving is one of the worst things someone can possibly do, because not only does it put your life in danger, but it puts the life of passengers and other innocent drivers in danger as well. As for the family of John Parish, taking this case to court will most likely bring up unpleasant memories and is not something that they are excited to do. For anybody involved in a wrongful death lawsuit, I have co-authored a book with attorney Patrick J. Kang to help you out. The book is called, “In Case of Death: Straight Talk on Washington Wrongful Death,” and is available at no charge to Washington residents by clicking on the preceding link.

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