One of my goals as a Redmond auto accident lawyer and wrongful death attorney is to help the victims of drunk driving accidents achieve justice. Drunk drivers are 8 times more likely to be involved in an accident and these irresponsible incidents lead to thousands of deaths every year.

An update has been released on aSeattle drunk driving accident that sent four pedestrians to Harborview Medical Center. As mentioned in a previous posting, a drunk driver plowed through an unmarked crosswalk containing 7 pedestrians on 1st Avenue South in Seattle.

The name of the driver has now been released and Juanita Wright, a 43-year-old West Seattle woman, and she is now being held on $250,000 bail for vehicular assault. Wright struck 5 pedestrians, 4 of which were sent to Harborview Medical Center, when she failed to stop at an unmarked crosswalk.

Wright failed a field sobriety test issued shortly after the car accident and was later found to have a blood alcohol content well over the legal limit at .29%. Empty and partially full beer cans were found in the vehicle and a six-pack of beer was discovered at Wrights feet in the truck.

Of the 4 pedestrians hospitalized, two remain in Harborview’s Intensive Care Unit. One 28-year-old female sustained severe head trauma, which required a portion of her skull to be removed. The other victim has been listed in satisfactory condition.

Wright is currently an unemployed teacher, but has a criminal history on her record and three alias names. Juanita Wright had another DUI charged against her in 1990, but the charge has never been resolved. And Wright has been convicted of theft under the alias Juanita Mars.

There is only one way to prevent these types of auto accidents from happening—everyone must do their part to be safe and not drink and drive. Protect yourself and others on the road by using a designated driver, or seeking a taxi or bus for transportation when you drink.

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