Even after working with Seattle auto accident cases for several years as an injury lawyer I am still shocked by the outstanding number of repeat offenders out on our streets. Just over the last week, one man was arrested on his 17th drunk driving charge, and now another Washington man is facing his 50th criminal conviction after being arrested for drunk driving.

It has been released that a man arrested for crashing his vehicle while driving drunk with his two young children in the car has been arrested 85 times since he was 10 years old. Out of those 85 arrests, 40-year-old, Dante Piggee, has been convicted of nearly 50 crimes in his lifetime. Piggee has been building up an extensive rap sheet for 30 years with charges varying from hit-and-run and drunk driving to assault and murder.

As we discussed in a recent blog entry, Piggee was driving a BMW in South Seattle last week when he struck another vehicle- flipping his car onto its roof. According to witnesses, Piggee then crawled out of the car, pulled his two children from the wreckage and ran away from the scene with his children on his back. He was shortly after arrested by police and charged with drunk driving, hit-and-run, reckless endangerment, and driving on a suspended license.

Piggee was released from jail after posting $10,000 bail on Sunday.

According to court records, when Piggee was only 18 years old he was convicted of second-degree murder of a woman near Garfield high school after shooting the woman twice in the back. He was sentenced to jail in 1989 after the incident and was released in 2005, making his 85 arrests occur over a short span of 14 years.

With Piggee’s extensive history his DUI charge may be tried as a felony to go along with Washington State Drunk Driving Laws.

For more information on this story read the Seattle Times article by clicking on the preceding link.

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