The accident occurred over a month ago, but the pain and shock from the event that shook the city of Seattle still exists. It is a tragic story that circulates around one family, the Schultes. Dan and Karina Schulte had just had a baby boy, Elias, when a drunk driver in the Wedgwood neighborhood hit mother and baby. He also struck and killed Dan’s parents, Dennis and Judy. Since that fateful day, it seems that the fatalities as a result of drunk driving have not stopped occurring in the area.

A month later, Karina and Elias are still in the hospital with brain injuries among others. Karina can barely communicate with just her eyes. Elias, who was just over a week old when the incident occurred, has traumatic brain injuries but doctors are unsure how it will affect him because he is still basically a newborn.

It is a heartbreaking story made all the more frustrating by the fact that the drunk driver, Mark W. Mullan, has pleaded not guilty in court, despite the fact that his blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit when he was arrested after the crash. It is also saddening that drivers continue to drive drunk, even after seeing stories such as the Schultes’ unfold.

Once again, we strongly urge you to not drink and drive. Calling a taxi, or a designated driver is well worth it. Driving drunk is never worth it.

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