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Spending the last several years fighting for the victims in Seattle auto and bicycle accidents, I have come to realize how delicate and short life is. In a split second a life can turn from care-free fun to a devastating tragedy leaving victims to a tragic fatal auto accident in its wake. These horrible circumstances can strike anyone at anytime and will alter lives forever. Not only will the families of those killed in these fatal auto accidents suffer, but also the survivors who will deal with the guilt for the rest of their lives.

On Sunday, September 12th, the driver in a fatal bicycle accident took his own life after realizing the cyclist was dead.

After celebrating his birthday, the 21-year-old victim got on his bicycle and rode towards where his truck was parked at a farm close by. As he rode down 228th Avenue Southeast in Enumclaw, a truck struck the cyclist, killing him instantly near 44th street.  The driver of the truck quickly got out of his vehicle to check on the cyclist who he identified as  his friend whom he had just celebrated with, and had been killed in the accident. The 24-year-old driver then returned to his truck where he drew a gun and fatally shot himself.

Our thoughts go to the families of both victims in this tragic accident.

No matter what the cause of a fatal auto accident is, the psychological toll on the survivors is tremendous. Even if the survivor was not at fault in the accident the knowledge of being that closely involved in another person’s death can leave a permanent emotional scar. Severe depression or even suicidal thoughts can result from this severe condition known as Survivor syndrome.

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