In Seattle perhaps more than other places in the country, there are a lot of hazards to look out for on the road. The rain makes driving more dangerous and decreases visibility, a lot of commuters choose to ride their bicycles which requires more attention on the part of drivers , and anyone can tell you that traffic on our freeways and in the city is a problem. With unpredictable back-ups, it is important to stay alert when driving. reported that in Lewis County yesterday, a father and son were killed when the pickup they were driving collided with a semi truck that was stopped at the end of line of cars stopped in traffic.  They were traveling north on I-5, and traffic was backed up nearly four miles ahead of the semi. The pickup did not stop and crashed into the back of the semi’s trailer. The investigation into the crash is ongoing.

While the cause of this tragic accident is unknown, it is also a reminder to all of us the importance of driving safely. With shifts in traffic patterns happening all the time it is up to drivers to be cautious on the road and do everything they can to protect themselves and others.  Check out some tips on accident prevention, and drive safely!

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