Child safety while driving should be every parent’s top priority; unfortunately not all parents are as responsible as they should be. As a Tacoma personal injury attorney working at a Seattle auto accident law firm, I see children injured far too often because of a parent’s negligence. Your child’s safety and life should never be endangered because you are having a bad day.

Sunday night a 3-year-old boy was pushed out of a moving vehicle by his father who had recently fou3-year-old pushed from carght with the young child’s mother. The parents, who are separated, began arguing when the dad came to pick up the boy without a car seat for him. The father took the young child put him in the car and drove away. Tacoma police were called and arrived at the mother’s house just in time to see the dad pull back up to the house, push the child out of the car onto the sidewalk and then speed off down the road. Unfortunately, the incredibly bad decisions made by the father didn’t end there. After speeding off down the road at around 90 mph, he ran a red light and crashed into two other cars, causing personal injuries to three innocent victims.

Tacoma police initially thought that the man had run over his son after he pushed him out of the car, but the boy was lucky and only sustained minor personal injuries. The other victims that were hurt in the auto accident had to be transported to an area hospital. Child safety is extremely important while in the car and not only did this father take his son without a cars seat, but he pushed him out of the car and drove away. With this type of negligent behavior he should not be allowed to be around his son alone for a very long time.

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