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As a Seattle personal injury attorney, it is an unfortunate part of my job that I work with many people who have suffered terrible injury and loss through no fault of their own.  Once in a while, however, I get to learn about people who go out of their way to help others.  Yesterday evening, reported a story of some firemen helping a family to have a happy holiday, after a fire had destroyed their home just a few weeks ago.  The Kruick family of Stanwood lost their home, two family pets, and everything they owned, including the Christmas gifts for the family.  They have family giving them a place to stay, but replacing their possessions and the Christmas gifts is not something that they are able to do immediately.  While the family has insurance, it will not cover the contents of the home.  So the firefighters at Snohomish Fire District 19 took up a collection, and were able to raise enough money to make sure that the Kruicks had presents for the holiday.  Stories like this, where ordinary people go to extraordinary measures to help others are part of why I love my job.

At this time of year, we do hear these wonderful stories of people helping each other, and we are reminded of some of the things that are truly important.  Of course, these private tragedies happen year-round, and there is always a family that could use a hand from someone.  The real reason why I love my job is that all year long I get to be there for families who have lost what they have and need someone to help them get it back.

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, your focus will be on healing your injury, and looking after the well-being of your family.  But the accident that someone else caused should not be a source of financial hardship for your family.  At Premier Law Group, we are Seattle personal injury lawyers who are committed, year-round, to helping families recover the compensation that they need to pay medical bills, both current and future, recover lost wages and any other financial cost involved in an injury accident.  For more information and a free consultation call me at (206)285-1743.

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