30-year-old Abde Elshafei used to be an active, outdoors-type, independent man, but that lifestyle was stripped away from him when he was hit by a vehicle earlier this year. Elshafei was riding his bicycle, like he did every day, through south Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, when a reported light-colored sedan hit him. The worst part of all: they drove away. He was left in the street with horrible injuries that could have easily killed him. The impact was so severe that his bike ended up on the complete opposite side of the street.

Elshafei woke up at Harborview Medical Center. He had bleeding on the brain, a concussion as well as a fractured pelvis. Now, the once avid search-and-rescue volunteer is confined to a wheelchair. He depends on someone else to help him do practically everything. He is currently unable to work and his medical bills are piling up. Elshafei is devastated, and angry, in disbelief that another human would hit someone, nearly killing them, and then just leave them in the street, helpless. Above all, Elshafei wants peace of mind.

We hope that anyone with any information surrounding the accident will report what they know to the Seattle Police Department. We wish Abde a smooth recovery. As the summer months are upon us, please exercise extreme caution, whether you are a bicyclist or a driver. Share the road, and do so responsibly.

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