Summer Driving


Safe Summer Driving

Who doesn’t love a summer road trip? Premier Law Group has tips to make sure that you practice safe summer driving. While driving at any time can be hazardous. Driving during the Summer has its own set of hazards.

Some of these hazards include excess heat, tire blowouts, road congestion, construction, drowsiness, teen drivers, drunk drivers, and motorcyclists and bikers. Let’s take a closer look at the hazards and what you can do about them.

Excessive Heat

With excess heat, it is very easy to get sunburned inside of your car. Especially if you have windows that are not tinted. Another danger of excess heat is the danger of burns from leather seats better too hot. Making sure your family stays cool is critical to a safe summer drive

In the winter, tires tend to contract and the air pressure lessons which is why you will often find your tires deflated in the winter. On the contrary, in the summer hot weather increases the pressure in your tires. Which can result in blowouts or tires that are damaged or worn. Continuing to monitor your tire pressure in hot weather is important for safe summer driving.

Congestion and Construction

Road congestion is a common problem in the summer because of road construction projects and also tourism as you approach your destination. This congestion can lead to stress the ways and even accidents. It is important to try to plan your route around any construction or delays and be patient. 

The Hazards of Being Human

One of the blessings of summer is the length of the days. Long days I mean we stay up longer and can have more fun. The drawback of this is an increase in drowsiness. Be sure that before you take off that you have a proper amount of sleep. The bottom line is don’t drive at night if you are drowsy!

Teen typically drive more in the summer than they do during the school year be sure to stay alert and practice Defensive Driving techniques.

With all of the fun and festivities, the summer always sees a ride and fatal car accidents. There is a significant rise in alcohol-related accidents as well. Be sure to stay alert and never drink and drive. 

The nice weather will also draw bikers and motorcycle vest. You will encounter many more in the summer than in the winter. This requires greater attention and awareness from all Road users be sure to look twice and you didn’t. 

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