What is being called a horrific accident occurred in Renton this morning. An elderly man from Issaquah was out on a drive. His sister was visiting from Germany and had been in the car with him when the man got into a small fender-bender. He stopped his vehicle and his sister exited the car, intending to direct traffic around their small accident. That’s when things get bad. The woman was still standing behind the vehicle when the man started backing up, and ran her over. Not only did he back up and run her over, he drove forward next, running her over for a second time. He also managed to hit a commercial truck that was driving by. The woman died about an hour after she had been run over.
It is unknown why the man ran the woman over, but it doesn’t appear that it had been on purpose. He was brought to the hospital for evaluation, but no details have been released regarding it. This accident serves as yet another reminder to exercise extreme caution when driving in reverse:
• Look under and behind your car before driving in reverse, if possible. Oftentimes children and pets are not visible in mirrors.
• Turn your body and look out of your rear window.
• Your dominant hand should be on the top of your sterring wheel.
• Do not slam on the gas. Start out slow and gradually build speed, but not too much.
• Utilize your side mirrors.

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