Jackass Star Dies in Tragic Auto Accident

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Drinking and driving continues to take thousands of lives every year, many of those lives are innocent victims that were at the wrong place at the wrong time. There is never a time when it is acceptable to drink and drive; risking your life, along with everyone else on the road is never worth it, there is always a better way to get home. As a Seattle auto accident lawyer working at a Kirkland personal injury law firm, I help victims get their life back together after a drunk driver selfishly tore it apart.

Drunk driving car accidents don’t care who you are, how popular you are or how many people love you and early this morning another well-loved star was lost in a car accident that most likely involved alcohol. 34-year-old Ryan Dunn earned his place in the spotlight as a member of the Jackass crew and as a co-host on the G4 network’s show “Proving Ground.” The fatal auto accident took place in West Goshen, Pa., and when the West Goshen police showed up at the gruesome scene Dunn was only identifiable by his many tattoos; his passenger, who was also pronounced dead at the scene, has not yet been identified. Two hours before the accident, Dunn posted pictures of himself and friends out drinking which lead police to believe that the accident due to alcohol and speeding. The accident occurred around 2:30 a.m. when Dunn lost control of his car flying over a guardrail and slamming into a tree causing the car to explode into a ball of flames.

Ryan Dunn will be missed dearly by friends, family and fans and my thoughts go out to all those impacted by this tragic accident. I can only hope that from this tragedy, those that knew and loved Dunn will never make the decision to drink and drive. If you only have one drink an hour, it will still take a full hour, and sometimes longer, before that drink is out of your system. If you plan on drinking more than one or two drinks while you are out, plan a way home that doesn’t involve you driving; always make sure you have a designated driver or at least the number for a cab.

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