As a Pierce County auto accident attorney working at a Bellevue personal injury law firm, I see victims of auto accidents caused by negligent drivers every day. But dealing with victims on a daily basis does not make it any easier to hear about a truly tragic drunk driving accident.

Monday night 17-year-old Jeremiah Jensen was riding his bike up Soundview drive when he slammed into a pickup truck that turned in front of him. Gig Harbor Police believe that the driver was intoxicated at the time and have arrested and continue to hold him in jail. When the Gig Harbor police arrived at the scene Jeremiah was unconscious; medics quickly transported him to the hospital so they could perform an emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. Joy Ann Snape, Jeremiah’s mom, rushed to the hospital to be with her son who was unable to even recognize her after he woke up from surgery.

Monday morning Jensen was a star athlete at Peninsula High School, running cross country and playing soccer, and now he is lying in the hospital fighting for his life. As an auburn wrongful death lawyer I find it hard to believe that people continue to get behind the wheel intoxicated after hearing stories like this. This devastating auto accident has changed the lives of not only the driver but Jeremiah and his family forever. Even if you have driven drunk and were lucky enough to make it to your destination, think about what could have happened if you hadn’t been so lucky. Hopefully the driver in this situation is charged soon and is never able to cause pain like what he is putting Jeremiah’s family through ever again.

I can only hope that Jeremiah experiences a full recovery and is someday able to get back to the active lifestyle that he loved so much.

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