Man Escapes on Foot Following Police Chase | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

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High-speed police chases have been happening all over Western Washington recently. The last two we have reported ended with one woman dead and a man being airlifted in critical condition to the hospital. A police chase in Marysville today fortunately did not end with any deaths or even injuries. Officers made an attempt to pull a driver over. They noted that he had been driving recklessly and eventually discovered that there were outstanding warrants for the man. Before officers had a chance to pull him over for questioning, he sped off, reaching speeds of about 90 miles per hour.

Eventually, officers stopped the vehicle with tire spikes. However this did not stop the driver from jumping for his crashed car and running away on foot. He has not been found yet, despite officer and K-9 police dog efforts. We are just grateful that nobody was hurt in this police chase. It is sad that the suspects involved in these chases will put innocent lives in such grave danger in an attempt to escape officers.