54-year-old Shawn K. Wilburn was involved in a horrendous accident last month that left his passenger dead. Wilburn, of Bellevue, is now facing the music. He is facing charges of vehicular homicide as well as hit-and-run. The accident occurred last month in Everett. Wilburn was driving his Ford Explorer when he crashed into a barrier on SR-529. The Explorer then rolled over and ended up on its wheels. In the process of the roll, 26-year-old Kyle Finch was sent flying from the vehicle. He died as a result.

You would think that a person would stop after such a horrific accident. But Wilburn did not. Instead, he continued to drive the Explorer. He made it about a half a mile before he crashed again. After the second accident, medical responders and law enforcement arrived at the scene and took Wilburn to Providence Medical Center.

Wilburn is believed to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crashes. Witnesses reported that he had been driving recklessly before the incidents occurred.

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