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His dream was to spread his love and passion of soccer through eleven countries, all the while promoting a cause that was dear to his heart. But 42-year-old Richard Swanson’s hopes were cut short early this month when he was hit by a pickup truck near the city of Lincoln City, Oregon.

Swanson was on a unique journey. He left home in Seattle on a journey to Sao Paolo, Brazil… by foot. His goal was to walk 10,000 miles to the city in order to arrive there by the 2014 World Cup, all the while dribbling a soccer ball. He was raising money for the charity One World Futbol Project, which donates soccer balls to players who live in developing countries. He had just been laid off from his job and decided that he should take advantage of the occurrence and sudden free time he had just acquired. He said in a video he had taken that he “really needed to break away.” So that’s what Swanson did. He embarked on his mission on May 1st, and arrived in Lincoln City. There, he shot a video of himself on the beach, kicking his soccer ball.

Freedom. That is what Swanson felt as he was along the ocean. However, that was stripped from him when he was hit and killed while walking along the popular Highway 101, his journey coming to an unexpected early end. Swanson’s love for the sport of soccer lives on, though. He never made it to the 2014 World Cup, but has grasped the attention of the world through his dedication to the cause. Our condolences go out to Swanson’s family.

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