Mexico has two very big problems, which contributed to the deaths of over 20 people as well as the injuries of almost three dozen this morning. A natural gas tanker crashed into a center divider on a highway in Mexico City. It burst into flames immediately. Mexico’s public safety has been put under the spotlight in recent months, as it has been found that very heavy trucks traveling on its roads often end up in serious accidents, which is made all the more problematic because many homes have been built just off of the highways.

This morning, the fire destroyed countless cars and houses, and emergency workers continue to look for people in the rubble. A large chunk of the gas tank from the truck flew over 50 yards as a result of the blast, and ended up on top of a nearby home. People that live close to the crash site said they felt like they were for sure going to die. Many people that were injured had severe burns covering the majority of their bodies. Some burn victims may be flown to Texas to receive medical attention.

The truck belonged to a company named Termogas, and was carrying two gas tanks. One of the two gas tanks flew and killed fifteen people. The other killed four.

The Mexican government had planned to place firmer restrictions on freight trucks last year. Whether those restrictions were put into placed or enforced is anybody’s guess. The driver of the truck could possibly face property damage charges as well as manslaughter charges.

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