Like most young people riding their first motorcycle I at first thought I was invincible and although my mother sternly warned me about the dangers of riding a motorcycle I thought nothing could touch me.  After becoming a Seattle motorcycle accident attorney and wrongful death lawyer, however, I realized how dangerous riding a bike can really be. With nothing more than a helmet and some thin material protecting a biker it is no shock that motorcyclist are 16 times more likely to be killed in an auto accident than in any other vehicle. Just yesterday a woman suffered severe injuries in a Marysville motorcycle accident.

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On Thursday, January 27th a severe motorcycle accident occurred in Marysville in the Lakewood Crossing area. Just before 8:30 pm  a 22-year-old pizza delivery driver turned in front of a motorcycle- without enough time to react the motorcycle crashed into the vehicle severely injury the rider. The 42-year-old woman on the motorcycle was rushed to Harborview Medical Center  by air transport where she remains with severe head injuries.

A police officer driving behind the at-fault vehicle witnessed the accident and had the 22-year-old transported to the hospital for a blood test to see if drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.

Many motorists believe that most motorcycle accidents are the fault of an unsafe biker- speeding or practicing other negligent behavior. In a lot of cases, however, the motorcycle accident is the fault of another motorist driving distracted or negligent. Bikers, however, can protect themselves by simply taking a Washington motorcycle safety course and driving defensively. According to statistics, 93% of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve a driver who did not take a proper training course. As a motorcyclist myself, I urge all bikers to take a course.

I hope the victim of this horrible accident has a speedy recovery.

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