As a Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer, working at an Issaquah personal injury law firm I see victims that have suffered from personal injuries due to reckless driving every single day. I don’t know if it is the warmer weather or maybe there is just something in the air but it seems that not a week goes by without a high speed police chase.

Last Friday Washington State Patrol officers that were watching traffic from a Cessna 206 spotted a motorcycle on I-90 near Preston going over 100mph. The officers in the plane immediately alerted Issaquah police and a trooper quickly pulled up behind the motorcycle and tried to pull the rider over. The driver of course refused to pull over and the patrol call had to quickly call off the pursuit because of the extremely high speeds and maneuvering of the motorcycle. Fortunately the officers in the Cessna were able to keep a visual on the motorcycle all the way back to his house, where he immediately pulled into the garage thinking that he had escaped the police. Issaquah police arrived at the Highlands condominium complex moments after the garage door closed and surrounded the area. The driver was later identified as a 62-year-old man whose name has not yet been released, and was immediately arrested and taken into custody for eluding police and reckless driving. Officers also obtained a search warrant for the house and entered the residence to look for anything that the man may have been trying to hide, such as an illegal weapon. Police think this may be the reason that he didn’t pull over in the first place.

The motorcyclist is lucky that he didn’t kill himself while he was driving at such a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic. His reckless driving endangered the lives of every other person on the road and the driver is lucky that he didn’t cause an auto accident. Reckless driving is selfish and too often leads to auto accidents that cause serious personal injuries or even the wrongful death of a loved one.

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