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How far is too far when it comes to protecting our children and their safety? I think that most parents have different gauges. Yes, we all have the best interest of our kids at heart, but some parents handle that differently. We all tend to worry when we send our kids out onto the road. But some parents are so worried about their young drivers’ activity behind the wheel that they are installing a device called Drivecam in their cars.

Drivecam is described as a camera that sits on the dashboard and monitors unsafe activity. Whenever the driver does something that is considered unsafe, the camera is activated. The footage from the camera is then sent to Drivecam’s data center. There, employees look over the footage and then report any bad behavior to the driver’s parents. Included are suggestions for safer driving behaviors.

The Drivecam comes at a price. It is $900 a year. However, many parents are saying it’s well worth the cost, as it keeps their teen drivers on their toes and safe. They can review footage of their own driving and correct bad behaviors.

It’s been reported that traffic accidents are the leading cause of teenage deaths in the United States every year. However, do you think devices such as the Drivecam are necessary? Would you ever consider installing one in your teen’s car or do you trust them enough to let them go without?

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