New Product Keeps Teen Drivers from Texting | Seattle Car Crash Attorneys

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As a personal injury attorney and the founder of Teens against Distracted Driving, I am always speaking out about the dangers of texting while driving. Each year, many car accidents are caused by this driving distraction.

Just recently, I learned of a new device that may keep drivers from texting. The product is called Get Home Safe. For $99, you can download the software and plug the device into your vehicle’s on board diagnostic system. After it is programmed to recognize a cell phone, it will block text messages while the car is in motion.

The product will help parents monitor their teen’s driving. Parents can finally be sure their teens are not texting and driving.

In November, Jeanne and Johnny Brown suffered a tragic loss when their 17-year-old daughter died in a rollover collision. After a thorough investigation, officials determined that Alex Brown had been texting at the time of the accident.

Alex repeatedly told her parents she wasn’t texting. They had to find out the hard way that their daughter had been lying.

The Browns have been advocating the product for some time now. They only wish they had known about it sooner. They may have been able to prevent the death of their own daughter.

The Texas couple has also been pressuring lawmakers for stronger anti-texting laws. They don’t want other teenage drivers to suffer a similar fate.