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As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I know that aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding and inattention to the road often results in dangerous accidents. In an attempt at reducing speeders, King County built a roundabout that has been very controversial since a vehicle crashed just hours after being open to the public. According to KIRO TV News, the newly built and strategically placed roundabout is at the center of an investigation regarding a car that lost control, hopped the curb and flew down a ditch into flowing water. The roundabout is located at Peasley Canyon Road and Peasley Canyon Way near Auburn. County officials claim it was put in that location to reduce speeding in that area. People that are familiar with the area are worried about the new roundabout, stating the speed limit is 40mph but vehicles often travel 45-50mph and there is no guard rail in place to stop cars from plunging into the drainage ditch if control is lost. The county says there is a flashing light to warn drivers of the upcoming roundabout but the light is currently without power. Pending further investigation there is no intent as of yet to install a guard rail.

Speeding, failing to follow traffic signs, and distracted or inattention driving behaviors are all considered aggressive driving. These types of traffic offenses often lead to many vehicle accidents that can include serious to fatal injuries. Roundabout intersections aim to reduce speeding and potential speed related accidents, however, it is ultimately the drivers responsibility to drive safely.

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