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Ryan Mash was just trying to get some McDonald’s. Little did he know when he got in the drive-thru line at the fast food restaurant in Forsyth County, Georgia, that he would be held at gunpoint for no real reason. 18-year-old Mash was sitting in his Ford 150 pickup truck, two passengers in tow, when he drove up to the window. Behind him was Scott Buiumi, a Detective Sgt. from the area who was in a Chevy Impala.

Mash says that he was waiting for his food to be cooked and given to him when Biumi started shouting at him to stop holding up the line. Biumi continued to shout at Mash and tell him to keep his mouth shut. After saying to Mash, “And there’s some crazy people out there,” Biumi pulled his gun out and pointed it at the teen, shouting at him all the while. The 18-year-old was shocked and scared, and was surprised to later find that Biumi was in law enforcement.

Biumi repeatedly yelled at Mash that he didn’t know who he was messing with. But it looks like Mash wasn’t even trying to “mess with” Biumi, he was just waiting for his food. The McDonald’s caught the whole incident on tape, and Mash and his friends were able to write down his tag number as well as a description of his vehicle.

The officer was arrested and then released from jail on a $22,000 bond. His department placed him on leave for the time being. The case is still being investigated, but the chief says that he is “not going to stand for any behavior that goes outside that of the scope of the law.”

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