Pedestrian Hit and Killed in Puyallup Car Accident | Puyallup Car Accident Attorneys

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As summer approaches, more people are riding bikes and walking outdoors. Unfortunately, this means more pedestrian accidents. As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I have helped hundreds of victims of pedestrian accidents and understand just how disastrous these accidents can be.

In Puyallup, a 68-year-old pedestrian was hit and killed by a car Friday morning. The tragic accident happened around 11 a.m. on State Route 161.

A young woman, 19, was backing out of a business complex when she struck the woman. She had stopped for one pedestrian, but did not see the second. Sadly, the woman died at the scene.

Officials say the driver will not be cited. They believe it was only a horrific accident.

We urge drivers to stay conscious of pedestrians and cyclists on the roadways. We hope to see fewer pedestrian accidents in the coming year.