The dangers of being a pedestrian are often overlooked when discussing auto accidents. But as a Washington personal injury attorney, I know all to well that fatal pedestrian accidents make up 11% of all car related fatalities. Urban areas are much more at risk, which is why it is no surprise that the state of Washington ranks 14th in the nation in pedestrian deaths as a percentage of total accident fatalities.

Yesterday evening, this danger was realized in Issaquah as a woman was struck by a vehicle while walking her dog. She sustained life-threatening injuries and is in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center.

The vehicle ran into the woman as she was crossing the street on the crosswalk, killing the dog, sending her into the car’s windshield. Rescue crews reached the woman immediately, but found no I.D. on her, and are currently struggling to identify her.

Pedestrian accidents like this can happen to anyone walking down the street, even when obeying streets laws, as it appears this woman was. Distracted driving, nighttime driving, and driving with the sun in your eyes all increase the chances of an incident such as this. It is critically important to pay close attention to crosswalks.

If you or somebody you know has been injured as the result of an auto accident, you should not be afraid to seek legal representation, especially if the accident is the result of negligent driving.

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