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On Monday night, two pedestrians were struck and one was killed on US 2 by a suspected drunk driver. The 24-year-old driver drove over a raised median, around metal pylons and onto the walkway. The car reached the woman first, and while she was merely bumped by the car’s side mirror the man was hit and thrown over the trestle, falling forty feet and eventually dying at the scene. The victim was 55 years old. Eventually, the car was stopped when it hit the concrete wall.

The driver, from Everett, was taken to Providence Colby Hospital with severe leg injuries. Troopers suspected drunk driving because of the smell of alcohol on the driver and in the vehicle. They also found marijuana in the car. State Troopers expressed surprise that car was even able to get onto the walkway; it was so clearly marked and protected by the median and pylons.

No matter how many precautions you take or how closely you follow traffic laws, it can sometimes be impossible to predict what a reckless or inebriated driver will do. Too often it is those individuals who are following the law that end up paying the price for these kinds of accidents. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I see these kinds of accidents all too often. That’s why it is so important to stay alert while on the road, and to make sure that you and no one you know ever gets behind the wheel after drinking.

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