After seeing many horrible fatal accidents in my line of work as a Bellevue wrongful death attorney you would think I would be numb to emotion after an accident, but every time a fatal accident occurs I think of how easily it could have been prevented and a life could have been saved. Port Orchard, Washington is not a place often making the news, but this week they have had more than their fair share of breaking news stories. In just 10 minutes two fatal tragedies struck the town on Sunday January 24th. The Port Orchard fatal Walmart shooting in which a 31-year-old suspect and 13 year old girl were shot and killed after the suspect shot two officers a fatal ATV accident killed a man and severely injured his wife.

Just ten minutes after the officer shootings, 28-year-old Kenneth Folden crashed his ATV after the vehicle lost a tire. The blown tire caused Folden to lose control of the vehicle and sent it off the road and crashing into a tree. Folden was thrown from the ATV and sustained severe injuries which caused several major body systems to shut down shortly after crews arrived. Folden’s 26-year-old wife was rushed to Harborview Medical Center with broken bones and internal injuries.

Accidents such as these are unpredictable and mechanical failure can cause severe personal injuries which often prove fatal. There are, however, ways you can protect yourself in the event of a mechanical failure by simply remaining calm and practicing good defensive driving techniques.

Fatal ATV Accident

In the event of a tire blow-out make sure you follow these steps:

1.       DO NOT slam on the breaks! Instead, slowly coast to a stop. Hitting the breaks will cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

2.       DO NOT make sudden movements! Gradually move towards the side of the road as your vehicle slows down.

3.       Carefully step on your breaks once your vehicle as slowed to manageable speed to bring your car to a complete stop

4.       Keep your distance- make sure you are a safe distance from the road before changing your tire.

For more tips read our article: ATV Accident Prevention Tips.


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