There are two ways for people in the Pacific Northwest to get from Seattle to Bellevue or vice versa. One is by way of the 520 Bridge. A lot of drivers have been avoiding the 520 in recent years because of the toll that was introduced in late 2011. And it looks like their only other option could be enforcing tolls soon, too. There has been much discussion about the installation of tolls on I-90, ironically, to pay for the rebuilding of the 520 Bridge, which needs funding of over $1 billion.

Mercer Island residents are not happy. I-90 is the only way on and off the island, and residents say that if a toll were to be enacted, they would feel like prisoners of the island. They are calling on their city council members to fight the tolls, or at least get them reduced for Mercer Island residents. They state that businesses would also face problems as a result of tolling because many employees who live off the island would not want to pay or be able to afford the toll.

It seems that tolls are popping up everywhere you go these days. What is your take on the possible I-90 toll? It’s reported that it is only in the talking stages… can you think of alternatives?

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