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A woman in San Jose, California is in stable condition after a car crashed into her home earlier this week, sending her to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Her daughter was also in the home with her, and was rescued by nearby neighbors.

How does a car end up in a house? Reckless driving. Two 17-year-old boys were arrested after the incident that sent one of their BMWs flying deep into the house. The boys were both driving the vehicles at high speeds according to police. They then collided, causing the silver car to crash into the house. Three passengers in that vehicle were hospitalized. The red BMW was not carrying any passengers.

It is suspected that the teens are students at a nearby high school that is reportedly home to many reckless student drivers. The school and police have not taken preventative measures, but that could change as a result of this accident.

We often talk about the dangers of teens texting or drinking and driving. But reckless driving can be even more dangerous. Encourage your teens to always respect posted speed limits, even on freeways, but especially in neighborhoods. You can stress the importance by demonstrating good driving habits as well.

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