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This winter is expected to have the worst weather conditions Seattle has seen in 55 years. The predictions for snowy and stormy weather came true this week in an intense Seattle snow storm that has left the roads a mess of snow, ice and abandoned cars. Working in a personal injury law firm in Bellevue, Washington and focusing my career on serious Seattle auto accidents and Washington personal injury settlements, I know how dangerous icy roads can be. In the last 24 hours Washington streets have turned into a very dangerous ice rink which has claimed the lives of people and totaled many vehicles.

A fatal car crash  occurred near Yakima yesterday, after a vehicle crashed into another vehicle as it slid on the snow-covered road. Two people died in the car crash.

Along I-5 near Seattle a man was killed in another fatal car crash after a car slid into him as he worked on his car. It appears the man was either pushing his vehicle from the road, or chaining up his tires when he was killed by a passing vehicle.

Near the University of Washington’s Tacoma campus, a Pierce County Transit bus was turned up-side-down after it slid down a hill. Out of the 20 people on board 12 were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
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Several semis have been disabled, overturned or crashed in the snowy weather. Just this morning the commute became impossible as both Southbound Interstate I-5 near Northgate and Southbound I-405 near Coal Creek Parkway were closed due to semis blocking all lanes.

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Even SeaTac experienced the strain of the winter storm when a Boeing 747 slide off the runway during landing.

Snow can be very dangerous especially with all the hills, bridges and overpasses we have in our area. It is important to remember that though you may not see the ice it can still be on the roadways and to take proper precautions. And I urge you, if you do not need to get behind the wheel in this icy weather: Stay Home!