Just a couple weeks after a FedEx truck crash created a living nightmare for morning commuters on I-5 South in Seattle, yet another one of the company’s semis was involved in a messy accident. This time, the incident occurred on I-5 North between the cities of Arlington and Mount Vernon. It happened shortly after 3 this morning. It has been reported that the driver of the semi fell asleep at the wheel. That’s when the truck found it’s way off the road. The driver woke to find himself off of the freeway, which is when he over-corrected, causing his truck to flip over onto it’s side.

Fortunately, all of the northbound lanes in the area were shut down for only an hour as crews lifted the truck upright, and cleaned up the wreckage. By 7, all lanes were reopened. Unlike the empty FedEx truck of the accident last month, this one was reportedly half-full of packages. While it has been suspected that drugs and alcohol did not play a role in the incident, sleepiness can be just as dangerous. It is important that, if you are drowsy, you are aware of the dangers of driving and should use your best judgment before getting in your car.

The National Safety Council provides the following information:

• Caffeine can allow for a temporary feeling of alertness, but will not truly help you to overcome your drowsiness. Only sleep can do that.
• If you find your eyes getting heavy while driving, immediately determine the best course of action for you. Pull over if it is safe and find a safe place such as rest stop or parking lot to take a nap until you are well rested enough.
• If you do not feel you are in a condition to drive, but need to get somewhere, have a friend or family member come and get you, or use a cab or the bus.
• Make sure you are well rested before driving, especially when making a longer trip.

When in doubt, sleep it out! Only sleep can help you to get over that tired feeling.

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