I have been working as a Bellevue accident lawyer for several years and almost two years ago realized how big the texting while driving epidemic would be. So before the laws were implemented I did what I could to end the epidemic by creating Teens Against Distracted Driving. I figured that by educating teens who are more text savvy and more inexperienced drivers we could nip the problem in the bud so to speak. Studies and a recent Moses Lake texting while driving accident, however, indicate that adults are just as guilty of texting behind the wheel.

On October 7th a women in her late twenties with two children in her car caused a car accident when she was texting while driving.

The accident occurred on State Route 17 near Moses Lake when Emily Hernandez-Stepney was headed Northbound and crossed the center lane in her 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe. Hernandez-Stephney’s vehicle hit a 1996 Chevrolet Suburban driven by Crystal Ann Robledo’s, 36,  headed Southbound totaling both vehicles.

The three occupants of the Tahoe were airlifted to Providence Sacred Heart. Hernandez-Stepney was treated for head injuries and a broken wrist. A young boy was treated for a broken wrist and leg, facial lacerations, and chemical burns when a bottle of bleach came open in the car accident. The 13-year-old female passenger was treated for a fractured femur.

Those traveling in the suburban suffered injuries in the car accident as well. The driver, Robledo, had injuries to her shoulders, neck and back and a 12-year-old female passenger was airlifted to the hospital with a broken foot and facial lacerations.

This accident serves as a serious example as to why texting and driving laws have been implemented. According to a recent texting while driving study by the Auto Club of California, however, there has actually been an increase in people texting while driving since the law was put in effect. I have come to realize that the solution is not in laws, but in awareness and each person doing their part, making a choice to refrain from this dangerous behavior. I urge you to visit Teens Against Distracted Driving and take the pledge to not text and drive.

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