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They’re called “The 100 Deadliest Days of Summer” and they are here. The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day holds seven of the top ten deadliest days for teenage drivers out of the entire year. Teens are busy rushing between end-of-school parties and summer activities, and it’s easy for them to forget safe driving habits. That’s why the National Safety Council has established Drive it HOME, a new campaign encouraging parents to help their teens stay safe out on the road.

Whether your teen has been behind the wheel for a few months or a couple of years, it’s important to remind them to always mind the rules of the road. Janet Froetscher, who is the National Safety Council President and CEO says that a parent’s work doesn’t stop once their teen gets a license – parents should continue to monitor their young drivers for at least a year once they get their license.

Drive it HOME advises that parents:
• Practice driving with their teens to check in on how they are doing.
• Be a good example.
• Sign a parent-teen driving agreement.
• Remind their teens that driving is a privilege that can be taken away.

You don’t need to watch your teen’s every move. In fact, that would be frustrating and ineffective! Instead, make sure that you keep your teen in check so that you don’t feel you need to watch their every move.

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