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Three girls in Midvale, Utah were rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. The driver could have easily prevented the accident from happening – had he simply been paying attention to the road, and not his cell phone. The 28-year-old was texting behind the wheel, and didn’t see the three young girls, ages 14, 10 and 9, as they were crossing the street to get to a local swimming pool.

Fortunately, 14-year-old Jennifer O’Dell and 10-year-old Stacy Smith were released from the hospital after treatment. 9-year-old Sophia remained at the hospital longer, as she suffered a head injury in the accident. All girls are expected to fully recover, and we wish them the best.

However, not all those hit by texting and otherwise distracted drivers are as lucky as these three girls. That is why texting and driving is illegal in Utah, with punishments as harsh as three months in jail. It has been reported that the driver has not been charged, however. Lawmakers in Utah are looking to toughen texting and driving laws. Recently, a law stating that all drivers under 18 cannot use their cell phones in the car they are operating was passed in the state, but Senator Lyle Hillyard wants more.

If you don’t think that text can wait until your car is safely in park – you’re wrong!

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