Car seats have been saving lives for years and with the recent inception of booster seats, car safety for children has increased dramatically. As a parent and Kent child injury attorney it pains me to see the lives of children risked through an unwillingness to use these restraints. Last night another young life was taken prematurely due to the lack of a proper restraining device.

Late into the night on Sunday, August 7th, Chantel Peters was driving with her 5-year-old son Daniel Exekiel on Yost Road East of Olden Way when she harshly navigated and sent the car off the road. The car crash sent the vehicle rolling along the side of the road until it finally rested.

The young Toppenish boy was not using proper restraints and was ejected out of the vehicle in the Seattle car crash causing him serious injury. The child was immediately rushed to Harborview Medical Center where he died around 9:45 p.m. Monday night. Peters now faces vehicular homicide charges for the death of her son.

I send my thoughts and prayers to the family dealing with this difficult situation. Losing a loved one or friend is extremely difficult and requires an extensive amount of time for grieving. Because of the difficulty of dealing with the loss of a loved one and my knowledge of the legal process I co-authored a book with colleague Patrick J. Kang titled, “In Case of Death: Straight Talk on Washington Wrongful Death.” This book outlines the legal issues behind a Wrongful Death claim- helping victims figure out the course of action they need to take and weather or not to pursue charges. This book is available free to Washington residents at the link above.

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