Rain is a fact of life in the Seattle area, particularly in winter, but as an Auburn car accident lawyer handling Seattle personal injury cases, I understand how treacherous driving can be in the rain. Between the limited visibility, hydroplaning on the wet roads and the decrease in a cars reaction time rain leads to serious auto accidents every year. Seattle’s extreme rain this week sent two cars into the Puget Sound.

Just this last Wednesday, December 10th a married couple drove into the Puget Sound with their son following shortly behind. The accident occurred near 1000 Marine View Drive  in Everett as the family was driving out to dinner at Anthony’s Restaurant. There was a heavy rainfall at the time of the accident, and the couple unknowingly took a wrong turn onto a boat dock mistaking it as a road and drove their van off the dock into the Puget Sound. The son who was waiting for his parents at the restaurant called his parents to see where they were, after he was told about the vehicle crash he quickly jumped into his Lexus SUV and drove to the scene, but sadly made the same mistake as his parents and drove off another dock.

A security guard saw the vehicle crash into the water and quickly went out into the water and the son and security guard were able to break the windows of the van and pull the victims out to safety. All victims were taken to the hospital to be checked for injuries.

Everett Car Crash Attorney

This accident proves the dangers that accompany a rainstorm. Although Washingtonians like to think they are safe drivers in the rain, reduced visibility can put the most experienced drivers in danger. Whenever you are behind the wheel in rough weather make sure you drive slowly and pay close attention to your surroundings so you may have time to react to any situation that may arise.

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