Washington Man Killed By Wrong Way Driver

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It looks as though the daily trend of motorcyclists either being critically injured or killed is going to continue this week. As a Seattle motorcycle accident attorney working at a Redmond wrongful death law firm I know that once the weather gets nice the motorcyclists come out in full force. I know that a lot of the time we are quick to assume that any accident involving a motorcycle was the fault of the rider, because they were speeding or doing dangerous stunts on their bike. But all too often motorcycle accidents occur because cars fail to take notice of motorcyclists.

42-year-old David Khalvik was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident when he was hit head on by what sounds like a distracted driver. Khalvik was headed south on Highway 3 when a Saturn, driven by a 25-year-old man from Lacey, veered into oncoming traffic and slammed head-on into Khalvik who was thrown from his bike and pronounced dead at the scene. The Saturn then spun around and crashed into a Volvo that had been behind the motorcycle, fortunately none of the occupants of the Volvo were injured. However, the driver of the Saturn was taken to Harrison Hospital where he was treated for a broken ankle. Charges against the driver are still pending while the Washington State Patrol investigates the cause of the fatal accident.

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and leads to way too many fatal accidents. As a Bellevue personal injury lawyer I have seen too many victims left to pick up the pieces after suffering personal injuries or even dealing with the wrongful death of a loved ones at the hands of a distracted driver. Using your cell phone, eating, putting on makeup, anything that takes your attention away from driving is a distraction and can instantly change lives forever.